Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy in Hallandale Beach & Aventura, FL

If you need auto accident injury treatment in Hallandale Beach or Aventura or Personal Injury treatment in Hallandale Beach or Aventura, All Care Health & Wellness Center can treat your symptoms while also reducing your pain. We offer traditional chiropractic treatment, such as spinal manipulation or adjustments, as well as newer treatments, such as cold laser therapy, to help you ease your pain and heal. Cold laser therapy is one of the newest techniques we offer. Read on to learn how it can be beneficial to you.

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What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that can help you to heal faster. A handheld laser device, typically the size of a small flashlight, is placed over the areas where you are injured. The laser is turned on. and the cool light shines through to your damaged tissue. Your tissue absorbs the light and energy, which it can then use to speed up healing. Cold laser therapy is frequently offered by Dr. Brad Kern at All Care Health & Wellness Center in Hallandale Beach.

How Cold Laser Therapy Can Help You

If you are looking for cold laser in or near Hallandale Beach or Aventura, you may be wondering how this treatment can help you. Cold laser therapy can help with pain control, inflammation control and help to increase blood flow to the affected area. Of this helps you to heal faster and reduce your pain without the use of medications. You may turn to a chiropractor in Hallandale Beach who offers chiropractic care and pain relief after a slip and fall injury, work injury, car crash, sports injury or due to aches and pains caused by age or medical conditions. When you need a Hallandale Beach or Aventura chiropractor, let us help you. 

Using Cold Laser Therapy in Conjunction with Other Treatments

It usually takes a few treatments until you start to begin to feel the full benefits of cold laser therapy. As such, if you are considering car crash injury treatment in Hallandale Beach or Aventura, car accident treatment in Hallandale Beach or Aventura, or for any other treatment, we highly recommend you to receive cold laser therapy in conjunction with other treatments, such as spinal adjustments and strengthening exercises. All of the treatments combined will help you to heal faster and strengthen your body to prevent future injury. 

Visit our Chiropractor for Cold Laser Therapy in Aventura

If you have been involved in a car accident or are experiencing pain, a Chiropractor in Hallandale Beach or Aventura can help to minimize your pain. When you need car crash chiropractic care Hallandale Beach or Aventura or cold laser therapy in Hallandale Beach or Aventura, All Care Health & Wellness Center is here for you.

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