Personal Injury Treatment

Personal Injury Treatment in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura

Personal injury is a term that refers to injuries that occur through no fault of your own, for example if you were hit by another driver and were injured in the accident. Slip and falls, injuries caused by faulty products and workplace accidents are also examples of personal injury. These injuries can be painful and debilitating – and sometimes the full extent of these injuries may not be apparent. All Care Health & Wellness Center is your source for personal injury treatment in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and get relief.

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Treating a Variety of Personal Injuries – Your Chiropractor in Aventura FL

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you can still get hurt. We want you to know that you are not alone. Our wellness center treats many patients suffering from personal injuries. We have seen all types of injuries. As your chiropractor in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura, FL, we are well-equipped to treat your injuries and ensure that you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Our team can help with a variety of injuries, including:

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can be devastating to the human body. Even when they seem relatively minor, they can still leave lasting damage, which is why it is so important to get medical care immediately. We can give you a thorough examination to verify if you were injured, and can offer you comprehensive treatment to help you heal.

Workplace Accidents

People are hurt at work more often than you think – and you don’t have to work in a high-risk job to sustain an injury. Back pain, neck pain, and repetitive motion injuries – like carpal tunnel – are common in the workplace. Our team treats workers compensation injury patients and can ensure that you are put in the best position to recover.

Treatments Offered by Your Chiropractic Clinic in Aventura

All Care Health & Wellness Center offers a range of treatments that have been proven effective for the treatment of personal injuries. As your chiropractic clinic in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura, we are your resource for:

Manual Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are one of the best treatments available for back pain, neck pain and other types of joint pain and discomfort. Adjustments can also be effective at treating conditions that you may not be aware of, such as headaches.

Corrective Exercises

Often the best long-term solution for an injury is to strengthen the area around it and improve your overall flexibility. By getting stronger and more mobile through physical therapy exercises, you can support your injury and help avoid similar injuries in the future.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy goes hand in hand with chiropractic adjustments. While adjustments realign your spine and joints, massage relaxes your muscles to help ease tension and keep adjustments in place.

Contact Your Aventura Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If you need pain relief from a personal injury, we encourage you to contact us at 305-466-HELP,(4357), to schedule an appointment with your Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura chiropractor. We can provide a range of treatment options, including physical therapy in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura, and we are familiar with workers compensation. Let us help you recover as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.


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