Auto Accident Injury FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Aventura

The fright and confusion that you may experience after being involved in a car accident can be compounded if you happen to be injured during the collision. If you have been a recent crash, you may not be in need of auto accident injury treatment in Aventura. 

Over the many years that we’ve been providing service, we often find patients have similar inquiries about auto accidents. As your preferred chiropractor in Aventura FL, we want to provide answers to these frequently asked questions.

auto accident in Aventura, FL

Why See a Chiropractor if I Am Not Feeling Pain?

A major problem with auto accidents is that patients sometimes do not realize they have been injured until several weeks after the event. Your family doctor or the E.R. physician who first checked you out may not have been able to detect soft tissue injuries. Your chiropractor in Aventura is an expert in treating these types of injuries while reducing pain to foster better healing.

How Can a Car Accident Doctor in Aventura Help Me After a Crash?

As a leading car accident doctor in Aventura, we have seen first-hand the benefits of undergoing chiropractic treatment following an accident. Spinal adjustments help to relieve pain and bring the spine into alignment so the body can heal better and faster, naturally.

Your chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy and/or acupuncture to further address painful sensations following a crash.

How Do You Provide Whiplash Treatment in Aventura?

We provide whiplash treatment in Aventura using standard chiropractic adjustments. Many patients who have sought a chiropractor in Aventura FL following an accident have been relieved to find the treatment they need here in our facility. Whiplash is one of the most frequently occurring injuries that people experience during vehicular accidents. 

Whiplash happens during sudden, violent motions that cause your neck to hyperextend and hyperflex, such as when you slam on the brakes or when another vehicle rams into your car.

What Can I Expect During the First Visit With My Chiropractor in Aventura?

If this will be the first visit to a chiropractor in Aventura, you should know that you will be welcomed into a warm and nurturing environment where your well-being is our top priority. Whether you are experiencing back pain or neck pain after your auto accident, the visit will begin with a consultation with your chiropractor.

After learning the details of your auto accident and getting your medical history, the chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination to understand what is causing your painful sensations. At this point, the chiropractor will devise a personalized treatment plan just for you. It will include pain management and treatment as well as any rehabilitation exercises you’ll need to do.

Make an Appointment With Your Auto Accident Injury Doctor in Miami-Dade County Today!

If you or a loved one has been in a recent auto accident and are experiencing neck pain or back pain, you’ll want to make an appointment to see your auto accident injury doctor in Miami-Dade County as soon as possible.

For more information about how we help people recover from painful auto accident injuries or to set your appointment, reach out to All Care Health and Wellness Center today.


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